So How Long DOES It Take to Become a Psychiatrist?

If you are wondering how long thus it take to become a psychiatrist then stay put and get the facts right. Though it is one of the oldest medical specialty areas that deals with mental disorders, it focus on studying, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental disorders. All these are done from a medical standpoint, which means psychiatrists are qualified doctors apart from studying the patient and their behavior. So before one becomes a psychiatrist he or she needs to first obtain a four or six year undergraduate degree. Of course, the duration depends from where you come from. After which it is followed with other additional years in medical school and residency. So, before you think of even joining med school you should consider if you really want to be a psychiatrist and if really, you have the time. Then again, in order to justify the duration there is need to understand what it take to be a psychiatrist. You can learn more about how long it takes to become a psychiatrist on Med Career Hub.

How do I become a psychiatrist?

First things first, well before you become a psychiatrist and start working you have to start from somewhere. So first, you must first gain a place at medical school. In order, to join med school at least you must have attained good passes in 3 A Levels, in any case one of which have got to be a science subject. In that case, it should be chemistry, which is a mandatory requirement at some medical schools. Attaining these grades is essential owing to the nature of competition for med school places all over the world. For that reason, you need to have the following for you to be considered a successful med school candidate.

  • · Good academic qualifications
  • · Passion with good interpersonal skills
  • · A wide range of outside interests
  • · Some interest in a caring profession

Let’s face it, joining med school is not a simple fit. Moreover, for you to become a psychiatrist you must be a qualified medical doctor, which means you must complete your medicine undergraduate before thinking of becoming a psychiatrist.

Would you make a good psychiatrist?

After successful completion of med school, you can start thinking of becoming a psychiatrist. If you have been keen on the field, you must have noticed that there exist fewer psychiatrists when compared to other field in the medical practice. In that case, you must be thinking what the reason behind their small numbers is. The answer to this question is that simple. You need to go back t school and specialize as a psychiatrist. This means more time is needed on top of the time spent in med school.

Is Psychiatry worth your time?

If you are still interested in becoming a psychiatrist in spite of the hard work and sacrifice in med school, then you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions. Since psychiatrists work with people, one fundamental question that you must ask yourself is, are you able to listen, speak to people who genuinely give you information about themselves and their lives, and then are you capable of maintaining all the information not to mention responding to their issues appropriately? If your answer is no, please do not waste your time on psychiatry it would be better if you would decide on something else. Yes, there are a lot of fields in medicine you can specialize in one of them. On the other hand, if your answer is yes? Then it is better to go ahead and ask yourself the following questions in order to determine if psychiatry is worth your time.

  • · Are you fond of being in one on one situation more willingly than being in a group?
  • · Do you like letting other individuals be in control of discussions?
  • · Can you keep calm under stress or pressure?
  • · Are you a person who people can place their trust in you?
  • · Are you a patient person? If not, psychiatrist can turn out to be one of the difficult jobs you will ever face in your life.
  • · Do you have special interest in the human mind in addition to the various affects medication has in reinstating or treating it to its most favorable form?
  • · Are you fascinated about attaining more in relation to mental disorders for instance schizophrenia or PTSD?
  • · Are you good at memorizing? Do you enjoy diagnosing problems?

What is the career pathway of a psychiatrist?

Typically, it takes close to eight postgraduate years to become a qualified psychiatrist. This means you have to complete the 4 years undergraduate program, followed with four years in med school and lastly 3-4 years of residency in psychiatry not to mention the supplementary specialized fellowship training subsequent to the four years of general psychiatry training.

  • · 4 years of undergraduate
  • · 4 years of medical school
  • · 3 or 4 years of residency in psychiatry

So, if you do the math correctly, you must anticipate spending 12-13 years in school and training before becoming a qualified psychiatrist. However this is not to say that you would have finished with schooling at this time since if you will still want to become certified in a sub-specialty area, you may need to go back in school and complete an added 1-2 years of post-residency work. Upon a successful completion of sub-specialty area training, you will be competent to apply for a consultant post. As a doctor specializing in this area, you must have passion. However, after finishing specialty or sub-specialty training you will be able to make a difference to someone’s life. There is a number of psychiatric sub-specialties that you can choose from and they include.

Psychiatric Specialties

  • · General adult psychiatry- it entails working with adults with a wide array of mental problems
  • · Old age psychiatry- it entails working with adults over the age of 65
  • · Child and adolescent psychiatry- it entails assessing and managing emotional as well as behavioral problems facing children and adolescents in school going age.
  • · Psychotherapy- it entails working with individuals with personality disorder, interpersonal problems, depression and anxiety.
  • · Forensic psychiatry- it entails the interaction psychiatry and law
  • · Learning disability- it entails working with individuals with learning disability for instance Down’s syndrome

Now you have the necessary information to become a certified psychiatrist. If you are still interested, go ahead achieve your goals. Psychiatry is your calling and you will be able to help others improve their lives by dealing with their mental problems.